Charity profile

Faith Church Ministries is a Christian entity that and a registered non-profit organisation in Swaziland, affiliated with the conference of Churches.

Our community has an estimated population of 1360 residents, spread over 139 homesteads. More than 20% of the population is made up of orphans and vulnerable children.

Our mandate is to preach the gospel to the Swazi nation and to all nations, demonstrating the love of God through Jesus Christ, in meeting the spiritual and basic physical needs of the poor and oppressed in the rural areas of Swaziland.

Thus far, we have assisted the community in the following ways:

1. Established a crop and vegetable project which helps in improving the diet of nearly 200
orphan and vulnerable children in two neighbourhood care points.

2. Assisted with providing clean water for cooking in the local neighbourhood care
point since there is a prevailing drought.

3. Conducted home visits, pray for the sick and provided support to
the families.

4. Clothed the needy through contributions of second-hand clothes made by our
church members.