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We are a non-profit organisation in South Africa and our vision is to strive to save lives, to enhance the quality of life and to reduce the cost of healthcare in South Africans suffering from allergic disorders and primary immune deficiencies. The Problem ALLERGIC DISEASE may be thought of as the epidemic of the 21st century, and this alarming condition is on the increase in both first world and lower and middle income countries. Rate of increase is fastest in rural and poor populations, in whom allergy was previously uncommon. Conservatively, a third of South Africans will suffer from some form of allergic disease during their life. 40% of allergy sufferers are children. This may manifest as eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis (hayfever), urticaria or anaphylaxis. The costs to society are clearly those of quality of life, as well as the obvious financial implications. Allergies cause school and work absenteeism; as well as disturbances in normal physical, psychological and social interactions It is a public health and economic burden. ASTHMA: South Africa has the 4th -5th highest asthma death rate in the world, yet well managed asthmatics should be able to live a normal life. This equates conservatively to 15 thousand deaths annually, of which about 12 thousand should be preventable. (European/USA Rates) Asthma is presently the 3rd most common illness resulting in hospitalisation, which clearly contributes significantly to healthcare costs in both the public and private sector alike. As many as 80% of asthmatics will also have allergic rhinitis. ALLERGIC RHINITIS: This may occur in 20-30% of the population, and as many as 40% may also have asthma, which may be undiagnosed. ANAPHYLAXIS: This is a severe life threatening allergy which causes significant mortality, and these deaths are imminently preventable. The Opportunity Help us create Awareness: Our primary aim is to drive allergy awareness and education through our website and various media channels. Help us Advise and Educate Patients: There are 40 peer reviewed downloadable patient information brochures available on website. We need to provide further training in all sectors - schools, food service industry, corporates and private. Help us Promote Responsible Care: Establishment of an online allergy training academy for medical professionals. Help us Drive Advocacy: For the adoption of the Allergy in Schools policy with National and Local government and provide advocacy for other necessary causes. Help us Raise Funds for Professional Development: To generate funds through corporate social investment, government funding, sponsorships, donations and self funding initiatives to ensure self-sustainability into the future.