This is our core work & this project's annual budget is based on completing 6 trainings, 3 schools programmes, as well as the support it requires to manage our growing joy family of over 50 volunteers.

The UP Care Clowns make weekly visits to hospitals and other care institutions. This includes the Red Cross Children’s hospital, Woodside Special Care Centre, Groote Schuur and many other institutions nationwide.The gift of joy effects the children, parents, staff and the volunteers themselves.

Care Clowns are discovering the blissful exchange of purposeful existence.

The UP aims to support institutions and families with the emotional sUPport of their young patients. The volunteer Care Clowns share joy, through play and empathic care. They incorporate magic, story telling, clowning and quiet support depending on the needs and reality of each patient and the growing ability of our Care clowns.

All our Care Clowns are empathic individuals, who create safe play worlds from the heart. The UP does not provide an alternative to medical care, but rather enhances the healing process and quality of life of patients when they need a smile most.

Would you like to be a Care Clown? Contact us on 083 300 2177 or !


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