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Making a difference in SA in education!



When a child does not receive a decent education, that child is potentially permanently cast into a perpetual cycle of poverty that could echo into many generations after.

In South Africa:

  • About 1 million children enter the education system each year in grade 1
  • Nearly 50% of them will drop out before the end of grade 12 and
  • Only 4% will pass grade 12 Maths with 50% or higher
  • The rate at which the South African education system produces poor children academically, socially, emotionally, and financially is alarming.


Can you imagine…

  • A world where children stuck in a flawed education system have a resourced family/friend providing ongoing support.
  • A network of emotional, spiritual, and financial support to assist these children at different stages of their development.
  • These children enter the workplace as well-educated and holistically developed individuals to make a difference in the world and add value to society, especially their employers.

Let’s create pathways toward this world.


Creating Pathways out of Poverty


Nika Capital builds partnerships between donors and disadvantaged families to ensure the best possible education for their children, with the ultimate goal of breaking the poverty cycle. The poverty cycle is broken by helping a child learn to add value to an employer and society. This behavior leads to advancement in career and growth in income.

We do it in the following manner:

  • Connect a donor with one or more needy child
  • Ensure that the benefiting child gets the best possible education that is available
  • Create an emotional and spiritual support structure between the beneficiary/ the family, Nika, and the donor
  • Create mentoring opportunities (light touch)
  • Create wisdom transfer opportunities


Nika Capital’s pathways out of poverty are realized through generous giving and intentional Christian discipleship programs.

By partnering with service providers who provide quality educational services at a reduced and affordable fee, Nika Capital facilitates Christian supplementary programs and products to beneficiaries in 4 separate phases of learning. Nika Capital measures the progress of each beneficiary according to the particular phase’s success criteria.


The poor have limited capital resources, but they still want to ensure the next generation is holistically better positioned to flourish and live ‘life in full color.’

Nika Capital supports families financially, socially, and spiritually to grow out of the cycle of poverty in the following manner:

  • People with capacity and generous hearts contribute resources (time, talents, and treasures) in various ways to Nika Capital. This is done mainly through donations but also the contribution of company shares to Nika Capital as a public benefit organization (PBO) with Section 18A status.
  • Nika Capital distributes the funds through bursaries and life development programs to impact the next generation.
  • We also facilitate meaningful connections, networks, and relationships to add value to the beneficiaries.
  • Nika Capital is intentional in Christian discipleship and growing in faith and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and developing a Christian Worldview in our beneficiaries.

Become part of the solution by joining Nika’s cause.



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19 Fundraiser projects

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I’m riding to raise funds to improve education in South Africa

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Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in Team NIKA riding the Munga 2023 to improve education in ...

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