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The aim is to be the first person to complete both a longitudinal and latitudinal circumnavigation of the globe using only human power.


The Mission

29 year old, Angelo Pages’ mission is to become the first
person to circumnavigate the globe from East to West and Pole to Pole, crossing all lines of latitude and longitude, using only human power, i.e. no motors, no sails, no solar. This journey will take a period of five to six years, and will be a true first of its kind; and the holy grail of human powered circumnavigation. Thiswill be a true test of human endurance.

The Purpose

Expedition 720° Affiliated With Heifer International

At Expedition 720°, we have joined forces with Heifer
International South Africa because of their exemplary vision and reach around the world. We aim to join as many of the various Heifer International projects en-route, around the world as possible, thereby taking an active step in contributing to their global vision of alleviating poverty and hunger. Heifer not only provide needy families and communities with skills and resources to better their own lives, but also instills a sense of community and accountability with its ”Passing the Gift”,charity model. This unparalleled grass-roots level of involvement
simultaneously inspires change while tangibly making a
difference in the lives of all those it touches, principles we at Expedition 720° share.

During Expedition 720°, one of our primary aims is to promote project awareness for Heifer International South Africa, at the same time as raising funds for their various rural development initiatives around South Africa. We will do so by working with corporate and private sponsorship's on a national and international level, we will also be keeping up to date with prominent social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and
blogging through our web-page.

While setting out to achieve a true world first, and in doing so break 4 Guinness World Records, Expedition 720° aims to improve the quality of life of the most impoverished communities, thereby making the world a better place, one kilometer at a time.

The Route

The Route is broken up into two parts, the first part is the traditional East to West circumnavigation and the second unknown Pole to Pole circumnavigation. Each part will be broken up into four legs. Angelo will be crossing all line of longitude and latitude, four antipodal points and cross the equator at four separate points, as specified by the The Guinness World Records and Explorers Web regulations.
On route Angelo will attempt to break 4 world records.

Records Attempts

• Break the current world record for East to West, Human Powered Circumnavigation by Erden Eruc of 5 years and 95 days.
• To be the first to complete a Pole to Pole circumnavigation under
Human Powered, with a pair of antipodal points, equator crossings.
•To be the first person to complete both East to West and Pole-to-Pole circumnavigations under Human Powered.

A Few Facts

• Expedition 720° will take place on 7 continents
• Across more than 48 countries
• A total distance of around 115 000 km
• Row and paddle four oceans and 9 Seas

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