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  1. Making a difference together one step at a time. Support our Team Heifer Volunteer The aim is to be the first person to complete both a longitudinal and latitudinal circumnavigation of the globe using only human power. DescriptionThe Mission29 year old, Angelo Pages’ mission is to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe from East to West and Pole to Pole, crossing all lines of latitude and longitude, using only human pow...

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  1. A Cow R12 000 (US$1 600)
    Not a Cup, but a cow Hurray for heifers- that’s a female cow that has not yet given birth to a calf. A quality dairy cow produces 4 gallons of milk
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  2. Give a Gift, Give a Goat
    Goats from Heifer are changing lives every single day. A single goat can produce up to a ton of milk a year to feed a family in need.Give a Goat R1400
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  3. Honey Bees
    One hive of bees per smallholder farmer can produce roughly 24kg’s of raw honey. Sponsor a beehive to a smallholder farmer by donating R350.
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