The Youth Commit Themselves to Protect Great Apes

The Eastern Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been the scene of many large scale and destabilizing socio-political events that have led to violence, conflicts and to severe destruction of the ecosystems. The Union of Gorilla Conservation Associations
for Community Development in the East of the DR Congo (UGADEC) operates in this area. UGADEC’s role, however, is broader than biodiversity conservation. Rather, it is involved in community development as it believes that the community is at the heart of conservation. In this context of war’s aftermath, UGADEC, in
its program of education and public awareness, is working in partnership with CoachesAcross Continents, a global leader organization in using sport for social impact.
While Coaches Across Continents is assisting in developing curricula with selected games that address crosscutting issues such
protection of the environment, promoting peace, sustainable development, human right, conflict resolution, AIDS, appreciation of cultural diversity, yet implementation on the field of this sport program with social impact by UGADEC faces a number of barriers.
These are:

- Lack of sport material to train boys and girls from schools in Goma
, in Walikale and in Lubutu cities. The materials include balls, cones,
jerseys, sport shoes,,,,)
-Reproduction of material(curricula) supporting training of teachers to continue on a regular basis the program of sport with social impact in their schools
- Cameras for shooting photos and films to be shared

With US$ 5,000.00 UGADEC will be able to cover the cost of these material not only for the welfare of the youth in this area torn with conflicts but also for protecting the great apes in danger of extinction,
the lowland gorilla in particular.

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