Invest in the future of our rhinos

The majority of rhinos in South Africa are owned by the private sector.
Private rhino owners are the custodians of a quarter of the world’s rhino
population, about 6000. These include black and white rhinos. While the South African government is pro-active in the fight against rhino poaching, their efforts are mostly focused on the national parks such as the Kruger National Park, where severe poaching is taking place. As a result, government is not in a position to assist private owners in anti-poaching efforts.

It has been suggested that the current South African rhino population in the Kruger will enter a negative growth phase shortly; more rhinos will be killed off by poachers than are being bred. Unless this pattern is reversed, there will be no rhino left in the Kruger National Park by 2020.


The private sector in South Africa is therefore the only ones that can secure the future survival of the country’s rhinos. While they have also been under attack from poachers, their security measures and breeding numbers are much higher than in the SanParks. The private rhino owners, however, receive no support from government and are at pains to keep their animals alive. Currently private rhino owners are hesitant to carry on with the farming of rhinos due to the fact that it is not financially viable any more. The trade price of rhinos has dropped by 60% over the last decade. Not only do they spend thousands per month to keep the animals safe, the daily upkeep of the
rhinos is also taking its toll. Since 2009, private rhino owners have spent R2 billion on rhino conservation. Many owners cannot deal with the stress and the almost impossible task to look after these animals.

Rhino Connect, TWK Agri and Animal Sure have negotiated a market first whereby the public can assist the owners to insure their rhinos against poaching or death by natural causes. This will allow the public to contribute to rhino conservation while at the same time knowing what exactly their contribution will be used for:

You as a member of the public can invest in your own rhino for only $200 a year.
The premium will cover the rhino against poaching, death by natural causes as well as other expenses such as medical treatment which could be very costly.
A percentage of your contribution will also assist the farmer with monthly expenses such as food and security measures.
A portion of your contribution will be returned to you at the end of 12 months in case of no claims filed.
Should the rhino die from a poaching incident or natural causes, you will also receive a pay-out.

You will receive a free subscription to the Rhino Connect App with exclusive information and updates on your own rhino. The APP can be downloaded by clicking on the
following links:

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