Since 2002, when Childline North
West was launched, bringing free telephonic counselling and referral services
to all children and their families in the province, it has grown and developed
into an effective respected service for children in the province. The North
West Crisisline received 18 565 calls during the FY 2016/2017 from
children and adults concerned about children with topics ranging from child
abuse (sexual, physical and emotional abuse) to poverty, family relationships,
HIV/ Aids, domestic violence, disability, missing children, migrant children,
educational support and many more. Calls to the toll free number is free of
charge to the callers, as it is subsidised by the TELKOM Foundation.

Children who cannot afford professional
therapy have access to the services in the Tlokwe Municipality, the biggest
part of the Matlosana municipality, the Mahikeng Municipality. The organisation
hope to extend the therapeutic service to the Rustenburg municipality, with the
support of the North West Provincial Department of Social Development. This
service is also free of charge and children and their caregivers receive death
and bereavement counselling, healing counselling and other supporting services.
The services build resilience of individuals, families and communities and
empower them with skills and knowledge to cope with their challenging
circumstances and to address social ills themselves. The social workers conduct
home visits and provide effective specialised services by taking the service to
the children. The social workers find it important to educate children,
parents/caregivers and help them with skills development in order to break the
cycle of violence.

North West has a history of effective service delivery provided to children and
their families and we focus our programmatic efforts on the most vulnerable
children in our province. We serve amongst others children who have been made
vulnerable because of the combined impact of HIV/AIDS, abuse, violence and
poverty as well as violations of children’s rights that impact on their care,
safety and development. Childline North West visualizes itself responding to
this situation through an innovative approach that would support the Department
of Social Development in their effort to combat child abuse in the province. Unfortunately
Childline North West social workers are not able to attend to all cases
reported on the crisis line. The cases that were attended to by Childline North
West social workers received very positive feedback from the

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