Chained dogs phase 1

In many areas, due to financial circumstances, yards are not fenced in and dogs are on short, static chains with inadequate collars. The owners of the dogs cannot leave them running loose as they wander onto the roads and get run over; and also onto neighboring farms where they cause injury to livestock and as a result get shot by farmers. These shots do not always result in death; sometimes we need to collect severely injured animals and have them humanely euthanased as they cannot always be saved.

We would like to help relieve this situation without overcrowding shelters and pounds. Our aim is to replace the static chains with a minimum of 5m runner wire and a 2m chain on a swivel so that the chain stays loose and allows the dog more freedom of movement. We would also like to fit the chains with comfortable sturdy collars.

This will relieve some of the injuries caused by the inadequate collars and lessen the frustration of the dogs as they will have more freedom of movement.



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