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Oxpeckers is a non-profit company that aims to dramatically improve the quality and impact of African environmental journalism, by:

  1. Providing a network of investigative journalists interested in environmental issues;
  2. Hosting geo-narrative platforms that use data and cutting-edge mapping techniques to improve transparency;
  3. Stimulating transnational and transcultural investigative reportage;
  4. Sharing investigative resources / source documents / data;
  5. Curating specialist environmental reporting and research projects on behalf of media partners;
  6. Publishing our own exclusive environmental investigations, in both legacy and new media.

Our work relies heavily on technical expertise and complex collaborations to ensure smooth running of our digital platforms on a daily basis.

Help us promote environmental sustainability and transparency by donating to Oxpeckers. Every cent goes towards data sourcing , pioneering transnational investigations and creating open digital platforms where users can access, share and download information.

Donations start from as little as R20 - R5,000. Any amount, no matter how small, will go towards environmental transparency.

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