Save Harpreet and her sisters through education

Dear Supporter of YFC Rurka Kalan,

We want to help Harpreet and her family. They are facing a huge problem and you could be part of the solution.
Harpreet is 14 years old and is studying in class 8 of the Government Girls` School in Rurka Kalan. Her favourite subject is Hindi and she dreams of joining the Army one day. She started planning this since she attended a workshop on career opportunities at YFC.
Furthermore, she loves football and is one of our best and most motivated players in the U-14 girls-team. Because of her effort, she has already received a number of awards and distinctions: Recently, she got first position in 100 meter race at District level. She started coming to the football training at YFC four years ago and since then she has changed a lot. “Before I came to the football ground I was so shy. I talked to nobody”. Now she is a role model for other girls. That she has the courage to share such a personal problem with you shows her development the best.

Her family, who belongs to the caste of the Dalits (Dalits as the lowest caste have also been called the “Untouchables”, outcasted by the Indian caste system), lives in Rurka Kalan. She has three sisters: Komal (13), Nidhima (8) and Mamta (5). One of them (Komal) also comes to YFC for training and besides enjoying football she loves to dance and wants to become a dancer one day. In fact it was Komal only who took the brave first step and told us about the family´s situation.
Their father died from a heart attack in November 2016. The reason was a non-treated problem with his blood pressure.
This tragedy caused a financial crisis for the family. Harpreet´s mother is going for work in another household for cooking. She earns only 1000 Rupees a month and that is the only income the family has. The five family members have to live by 15 Dollars a month which is actually not possible. That is why Harpreet´s mother now expects her children to stop studying and stop playing football at YFC. And this is how the future of Harpreet would look like if this happens:
She would not have the possibility to have fun with her friends anymore because she meets her circle of friends in the school and at YFC. These two places she loves and which are highly important for her development, would disappear from her life. Naturally, she would have to give up her future goals. Instead she would start working (e.g. cleaning in another household) at the age of only fourteen years. Her income would be around 500 Rupees a month. Making matters worse, there is a chance that she gets sexually abused at her workplace. After a few years hard-work and little joy in her life, she would get married at the age of 18 to a husband she does not know.
This fate would not only happen to Harpreet but as well to her three sisters Komal, Nidhima and Mamta.
We see so much potential in these young girls and we do not want to let it fade away.
We ask you to reward Harpreet for her courage to speak about her problems and help her and her three sisters. We plan to collect about 6000 Rupees (90$) a month. Your donation would go 100% to Harpreet´s family and will let her continue doing her studies as well as coming to the football ground. All in all, we want to raise 2000$ that Harpreet and Komal can stay in education and graduate in their local schools. If they are able to complete the basic school education, they will have the opportunity to apply for higher education institutions. In these institutions their whole stay and education would be subsidized. Thereby they will break out of the cycle of poverty and can continue to work hard for their dreams of the future.
Thank you for your interest

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