Environmental Justice in Africa

Natural Justice recently celebrated its 10th anniversary since we were founded in Cape Town in 2007, with the aim of supporting Indigenous peoples and local communities to protect their land, culture and resources against invasive and extractive forms of development.

Today we work in a growing number of African countries, challenging a broad spectrum of rights infringements relating to issues such as land, climate change, extractives and infrastructure projects, conservation and traditional knowledge. We see the diversity of our work as a reflection of the range of challenges communities face on a day-to-day basis when their land rights are being undermined, or decisions affecting their livelihoods are taken without their consent, let alone participation in the process.

While we are grateful for the ongoing support of many of our loyal donors, our project budgets fall short of being able to cover all the time and effort we spend supporting communities on the ground, pushing for regulatory improvements on the national level and advocating for community rights in regional and international policy fora. Today we are asking for your donation to help us continue doing our day-to-day work. We welcome donations of any amount, as every little bit helps. Please also feel free to share this campaign with others you think may want to support us. Thank you.

For more details, see: www.naturaljustice.org

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    5 December 2017

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