The NFDI noticed South Africans don’t engage in healthy well structured conversations to resolve our political, cultural, racial, gender and socio- economic issues.

The NFDI would like to encourage all citizens to engage on our platform and allow yourself to be heard as well as to understand others. The NFDI believes that through national and local Dialogue, democratic practice, literacy and maturity can be achieved.

The “HI5 Words” Campaign will reach out to all citizens, even in the deepest of rural areas, to participate. The platform will enable citizens to voice their concerns in their own language and manner. After information has been consolidated and analyzed, it will be uploaded on the HI5 Words website.

If millions of South Africans speak,they can be heard and not ignored; their silence will be broken.

The objectives of the NFDI:

  • Serve as a resource and enabler for information strategies related to the issues that arise through the NFDI Dialogue process and the HI5 Words campaign;
  • Serve as a catalyst and facilitator for empowering and equipping every South African on socio-political and economic change; and
  • Envision our dream of a new South Africa.

The National Foundations Dialogues Initiative (NFDI) is a programme of the following Foundations acting together: the Albert Luthuli Foundation, the Robert Sobukwe Trust, the Helen Suzman Foundation, the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, the FW de Klerk Foundation, the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, Umlambo Foundation, and the Jakes Gerwel Foundation.

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