Fund a Highbury Bursary or Scholarship

A Highbury education is life-changing. Primary school is of primary importance and yet so many talented boys are excluded from a top-class education because of their financial circumstances.

To date, our Highbury Education Trust has been able to fund a select few Senior Primary bursaries and scholarships. We are proud to see the difference this opportunity has made in boys' lives, such as Sabastian Marimuthu (pictured), who is a talented musician and scholarship recipient. Sabastian says:

"Before Highbury, I didn't go to such a good school. When I came to Highbury, everything changed for me because there is such a high standard of education here. When I ask my old school friends about what I'm learning, I can see that they are not up to the same level. I made a lot of new friends at Highbury very quickly, that was a good thing. Being at Highbury, has brought up my music. At my old school, music wasn't important, but here at Highbury it is different. There are such amazing music teachers: Mrs Scott and her team of teachers, and Mr Gordon. All the music concerts at Highbury have really built up my confidence. Also the teachers are very helpful at Highbury - they actually want you to get good marks and they help you step-by-step. And there's the food! At my old school, we used to bring our own food to school. Here at Highbury, they provide food for us, both a tea snack and a hot meal at lunch."

In the process of awarding these SP bursaries and scholarships, we have seen how many boys are unable to pass our Entrance Assessment as they have not had the benefit of a Highbury-standard Foundation Phase education. Our dream is therefore to grow the fund to enable us to offer bursaries and scholarships from a Grade 1 level, and to be able to offer more bursaries than the fund can currently support.

All contributions are appreciated, however big or small. An endowment gift of R 1.5 million will ensure an education for a boy at Highbury from Grade 1 to 7, in perpetuity.