Women Taboos Radio is a news channel. WTR is the first digital nonprofit media activism channel in Southern Africa that powers vulnerable women to report, discuss,write, film or broadcast Exclusively about their sensitive Taboo health, gender, culture realities. Even men too!

The goal of our news is to reverse gender Taboos that hurt women progress in Southern Africa.

Our motto is, “Speaking Taboos. Speaking the Unspeakable.”

We work on and offline, by text, Open Data, imagery, or podcasts to speak Taboos. Taboos arethose sensitive yet personal topics women in Southern Africa would not dare say for fear of deep social shame, violent retaliation or exclusion.

By Taboos we mean such sensitive topics like, Why some rural women in Mozambique takelifesaving antiretroviral HIV medicine in tight secrecy for fear of being divorced by angry husbands – or – Why some courageous women in South Africa who mobilize other women to take residence in apartheid era, men-only hostels are threatened with reprisals.

At WTR we power women in banks, refugee camps or tomato markets to digitally narrate, orpublish without fear, for instance, why some widows in Zimbabwe who fail to bear male children must surrender their land and property to family members with sons.

These are difficult gender topics – these are Taboos! We seek to break

Daily, weekly, on our digital radio channel, we let ordinary women drive, open and tell their taboo stories without inserting our biases or opinions. We are unlike the bigcorporate media (usually Western) which flies in reporters, speak over vulnerable women, and jets back to the airport.

At WTR we power the women to speak their life stories! We live our stories, ourcommunities, and women Taboos realities.

Offline, we train 30 Women Taboo Reporters from refugee camps, rural markets, faith groups,and farms in five Southern African countries. We arm them with digital techtools, and impart Data Visualization skills so they dig out their own Taboo stories and those of fellow women.

The goal is to “Let Women Taboo Reporters Train fellow women.”

Women Taboos Radio does not discriminate against sex, nationality, gender, religiousaffiliation or political backgrounds.

We whollysupport the UN Human Rights declarations like: respect for the disabled,refugees, asylum seekers, sexual minorities, transgender rights, sex workers,girl child Human Rights.

High impactinvestigative journalism – like the one we run at Women Taboos Radio isexpensive to produce. At WTR your donations and subscriptions allows us tobring you game changing Taboo stories. Consider DONATING to keep Women Taboos
Radio alive.

If you likewhat we do – You can safely, securely, digitally wire your donation to us onthis platform.

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Standing on our own feet to speak up for ourselves

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