Channel 7, broadcasts the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Namibia and its neighbors by FM radio and other modern media since 1993.

A Decade ago we could easily have referred to a Christian society, or a
church culture we lived in. Some media easily refer these days to a post
Christian era. Not many people in the street can tell you what happened on Good Friday, or who the apostle Paul was, many are very sceptic about Jesus’s birth, this list can go on and on and on.
Fact is, people seldom visit church, seldom read their Bible, often don’t
believe that the Bible is the Word of God and don’t pray anymore.
In his book "Powerful Christian Radio", Josh Read writes:

Whether it’s watching, listening or reading, you would have to wonder
these days if Christianity has any public voice anymore. In past decades every
TV channel and many radio stations would broadcast Christian programs, but
today these are few and far between. Not only have Christian programs been
removed from broadcast, but TV series which are positive to Christianity, such
as Seventh Heaven, are nowhere to be seen. Moreover, they have been replaced by stories which are negative towards Christianity, such as GCB (Good Christian Bitches), Lucifer, and even Doctor Who. Christians on any soap opera today are always portrayed with derogatory stereotypes, or presented as weak and bigoted. When was the last time you saw a pro-Christian message or character in a TV show?

Channel 7 still has the opportunity and the means to be a public platform
for Christians and the church.
With 32 FM transmitters broadcasting 24 hours, 7 days a week this station
reaches the nation of Namibia with broadcasts in Afrikaans, English, Oshiwambo and German. Channel 7 can also be heard throughout southern Africa utilizing a digital audio channel, channel 825, on DSTV the South African broadcaster,and five different internet streams.
Channel 7 started broadcasting on 6 December 1993 as a division of Media for Christ which started as a Non-Profit Christian organization on 8 April 1982.
The organization grew without any startup capital at all, to a successful media
organization with a building, seven studios and thirty-two FM radio transmitters funded by Christian supporters and selling of airtime.

A serious shortage in funds is limiting Channel 7’s ability to invest in
expanding our circle of influence. Current income is used primarily to sustain
day to day operations. Due to our faith based business model, financial
survival remains a primary challenge.
Therefore, we use this opportunity to ask for your financial support to
assist with the maintenance, development and expansion of this ministry to stay an important public platform for Christians and the Church and be a voice of hope in a world crying for that hope.
Several projects are identified
These are:
Expansion of the Oshiwambo Service to a fulltime radio service with 10
additional transmitters. N$ 2,900,000 US$ 225,000

The day to day support of the full time Oshiwambo Station. At the moment it
broadcast only for 4 hours a day and shared transmitters.
N$ 100,000 per month US$ 8,000 per month

Micro broadcasting stations through the country with one at Katima Mulio
(siLozi) and one at Rundu (Kwangali) the most urgent.
N$ 350,000 per station US$ 27,000

Upgrade of twenty-year-old studios. Four of the seven needs urgent
upgrading. N$ 2,400,000 US$ 185,000

The development of an Outside Broadcasting Vehicle
N$ 1,200,000 US$ 93,000

The development of RDS (Radio Data System) for travelers on the vast roads
of Namibia to be able to stay tuned to Channel 7.
N$ 2,200,000 US$ 170,000

Can you give up one cup of coffee a week? A dinner in a good restaurant a
month? That little extra? That money in our ministry can really make a
difference not only in individuals lives, but in a whole region.

Follow the internet links for more information and please come in contact
with management or board members.