Charity profile

As part of AASA’s mission to empower people with rights and resilience, we are working with 1000 young women in Cape Town and Johannesburg providing support and training through the Young Urban Women programme to change the choices young women in our country have to make every day.

These choices might be between buying sanitary products or taking a taxi to the clinic; walking home after work because the salary is too little to cover transport to the end of each month; or giving up school because someone in the family died and the money was needed to pay for the funeral.

Using the human rights at the heart of our Constitution, we have supported young women to understand their rights, for instance their right to access healthcare and contraception, education and protection from violence. The project builds confidence and awareness so that young women can address barriers to decent work, health services and opportunities for education or training simultaneously, by highlighting their rights, making their voices heard through campaigning, and supporting each other through solidarity.