Charity profile

The Freedom of Expression Institute is a not for profit non-governmental organization which was established in 1994 to protect and foster the right to freedom of expression. The Institute was formed from a merger of three organisations; The Campaign for Open Media, the Anti-Censorship Action Group and the Media Defence Trust.

The primary objectives of the organisation are: to fight for and defend the right to freedom of expression, to oppose censorship in all its forms, to fight for the right of equal access to information and knowledge and, to promote access to media and a free press.

Today with constant threats to undermine the already fragile South Africa’s democracy, organisation such as ours are necessary to uphold the values enshrined in our Constitution, in this instance the values of freedom of expression and speech. Our vision is to ensure a society where everyone enjoys freedom of expression and the right to access and disseminate information and knowledge.

The FXI campaigns against any unreasonable limitations imposed on these freedoms by the State, private sector or society through civic education and advocacy, research and monitoring as well as strategic litigation and support. In addition, the FXI engages with communities, civil society, government and other parties, advocating for openness, transparency and sustainable democracy.

The Freedom of Expression Institute undertakes a wide range of activities in support of these objectives that advance the right to free expression. Our activities include; Litigation, legal advice and support, Research and monitoring, and Civic education and advocacy. The Institute also networks and collaborates with, a wide range of local and international organisations.