SFLL Pedal for a purpose at 2019 JoBerg2c

On the 26th of April a group of passionate mountain bikers will head off to complete the 2019 joBerg2c mountain bike race . They will ride for 9 days , they will cover 9ooKm’s and climb 13 500M, they will have to dig deep and they will change little lives with your support !


Surgeons for Little Lives was started by a group of Paediatric Surgeons and nonmedical
board members with the express intent of improving the care given to children requiring life changing surgery and other medical care in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. It is well established internationally that leading paediatric hospitals are significantly funded through charitable organization, and as a registered non-profit organization, this is exactly what SFLLs is doing in Johannesburg.

Lead by paediatric surgeons Jerome Loveland, Ellen Mapuda, Chris Westgarth-Taylor, and Andrew Grieve, the charity has raised in excess of 31 million rand since inception in 2015, this channeled into numerous projects to supplement the care health care sector. Examples of these include an out-patient clinic and parental sleep-over facility, rehabilitative playground, partnerships with the Wits Music Department and a therapeutic artist, and the provision of admission packs to children on entering our wards, these including simple commodities like pyjamas and toiletries. Sometimes all our patients need is love, a story read, or to be held. 

Breast Milk feeding is well documented to decrease the incidence of devastating
infections in at-risk newborn babies, with the resultant gastrointestinal infection,
known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), having a mortality rate of 40% in the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Baragwanath Hospital should these babies require

Truth of the matter is that feeding with breast milk, whether maternal or donated, has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of this devastating disease. With this in mind our next major project is the development of Lactation Unit and Breast Milk Bank at Baragwanath Hospital. Providing mothers with a supported, humane environment in which to express their milk, thereafter rolling this milk out to their own and other babies will have a massive impact on the support of these mothers and the incidence of NEC in their babies, ultimately significantly reducing the burden of disease, cost of care, but, perhaps most importantly, our neonatal mortality rate.

For more information visit our website www.surgeonsforlittlelives.org, alternately
contact us directly at info@surgeonsforlittlelives.org 0119338138

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference to a little life.

Section 18/21 tax certificates will be issued on request.



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