Surgeons for little lives Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

SURGEONS FOR LITTLE LIVES is a Non-Profit Organisation, which was developed by members of the Department of Paediatric Surgery at the University of the Witwatersrand.

The initiative was created to improve the care delivered to children in the greater Gauteng region and has been busy with numerous projects aimed at improving the lives of these young children.

The reality is that the need is massive, an enormous challenge, but we choose to celebrate the victories. Please celebrate with us. Surgeons for Little Lives is making it possible for very sick children and their families to receive a standard of care that matches the standard of skill of their surgeons.

We have made wonderful progress since inception, and our first major project is up and running. Together with the Spur Foundation,we officially opened our children’s play area in December 2016. This transformed a dull unused space into a cheerful area for children. It provides an area in which children can be stimulated and enjoy the outdoors, enhancing their recovery.

Our next major and massive project is underway - The new Paediatric Surgical Outpatient Department and Parental Sleep Over Facility at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital will cater for infants and children up to the age of 10 years old, who have Paediatric Surgical conditions. This facility forms the hub of our department, allowing us to assess, investigate, and follow up our patients. In addition, patients currently admitted to our wards have to remain on their own, with no facilities available for parents to stay with their kids at a time when they most need them.

While some parents live close enough to visit their children, many parents live far away from the hospital and can only visit their children over the weekends, if at all. Thus the parental sleep over facility will give these parents the access that they require to fully support their children during their admission.

Our next venture is the development of a lactation unit and breast milk bank, where mothers can express their much needed breast milk in a relaxed, sterile and dignified manner. At present they do this in a corridor with no privacy or dignity in full view of all that passes by. Breast milk is essential to prevent infection in our vulnerable premature babies. This is one of the strategies we intend to use to decrease our neonatal mortality rate.

Also in the pipeline is the building of a dedicated paediatric burns theatre. At present our children with severe burns need to share theatre time with their adult counterparts. This decreases the theatre time available and also causes cross infection from the adult patient that worsens the children’s outcome.

By taking up the challenge on the 19th of November, you WILL be making a big difference to a little life.

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    21 November 2017

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    16 November 2017

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    18 September 2017

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