Hope Trust helps a Reading/Literacy group

Hope Trust's Vision is to RESCUE-RESTORE-EMPOWER.

Recent research by Help2Read flags illiteracy as a serious feature undermining education in South Africa, especially among the poor. Hope Trust supports children's reading and story-telling groups.

A shelter is urgently needed where a group of 60 youngsters can shelter from extreme heat or wet weather and still participate in the reading club.

Our goal among the children is to promote reading (literacy & understanding), social engagement skills through group play, stir up story-telling skills and use the weekly engagement to identify children needing special help. When orphaned, abused and/or dyslexic children are identified they are given special attention and this frequently leads to positive interventions in their home environment.

We rescue by ensuring literacy and understanding, we restore through appropriate counselling and play therapy (as needed) & promoting social engagement among children, so that by the time they are teens they have chosen suitable friends and are equipped to deal with the pressures associated with adolescence.

Reading skills and understanding of what is read are vital in rescuing, restoring and empowering these 60 children for success in their future education and successful participation in the economy.

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    17 December 2017

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    17 December 2017

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    16 December 2017

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