REEVA PACK - One Stop Educational Domestic Violence pack.

The foundation was formed to continue the work that Reeva had already started before her untimely and tragic death. The Reeva Pack is a UNIQUE, World First, Educational pack that will help to empower and educate women that find themselves victims of domestic violence. The packs have important, emergency contacts, real life stories told by women who have been victims and share all their experiences, to show the women that they are not alone and there is support if you know where to go. Also explains the psychy of domestic abuse and violence, and how it affects not only the victim but the whole of society. The foundation is looking for funds to make these packs freely available to the ones that need them. We will be placing them at womens shelters, police stations, hospitals and clinics etc.

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  1. Calvin Mollett

    24 October 2016

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