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Play for everyone!

Play Africa is a groundbreaking children's museum in South Africa. We honour children, champion their rights, and pioneer inclusive, exceptional learning experiences that inspire children and families to create, discover and connect.

We believe in every child’s deep desire to be seen, heard and valued. We also believe every child is a creative genius. So we create opportunities for every child to discover their innate potential to be a thinker, inventor, innovator and maker. 

We are located inside the Old Fort at Constitution Hill. We transform this apartheid-era prison from a site of humiliation, oppression and fear into a site of joyful discovery and learning. Not every child can come to us, so our children's museum also creates pop-up experiences in communities themselves -- school halls, parks, community centres and inner city rooftops.

We make 21st-century playful learning available to everyone – from all walks of life and abilities. Everyone at Play Africa can try new experiences in #STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) as well as the arts that are locally-relevant and rooted in educational pedagogies. Over the last five years, we’ve created inclusive, vibrant, appropriate solutions in a society that is highly polarized, deeply unequal and characterised by exclusion.