SiMODiSA is a private sector industry association, pursuing

a research, policy design and stakeholder engagement programme to catalyse
entrepreneurship and job creation in South Africa.

Firstly through research, policy review and advocacy,
SiMODiSA is engaging directly with Government and the private sector to gather
industry insight and feedback to identify the key constraints and practical
solutions needed to create an enabling entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Secondly, through entrepreneurial amplification programmes,
with partners and stakeholders SiMODiSA intends bridging the gap between
universities, research institutions, entrepreneurs and investors whilst
providing the tools, training and networking events needed.

SiMODiSA’s primary goal is to substantially increase the
quantity, quality and success rate of start-ups and SMEs in South Africa,
thereby contributing to economic growth, human capital and the permanent
creation of formal, well-paying “decent” jobs.

research and public policy


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