Thula Thula Land Expansion project for Elephant Habitat

The seven traumatized elephants that came to us in 1998 at Thula Thula Game reserve are today so settled that the herd has become too large for the reserve. Too many happy elephants, too little land!
Relocating some to other reserves would be too traumatic.
We are committed to keeping this beautiful family together.

A community project for the necessary extension of habitat for our elephants.
Our original herd of 7 elephants has now increased to the maximum sustainable capacity.
Thula Thula has now the opportunity to add a further 3500 ha of land owned by the local Community Trust, to increase their habitat. An agreement is being put in place with the local tribal leaders to obtain this land for wildlife conservation and elephant habitat expansion.
These community projects not only support our wildlife, but also improve employment and education.

THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSERVATION FUND raises funds for this expansion with the need of 35km of electric fencing, land management and conservation, increased security and the list goes on.

In September 2012, we applied a reversible male contraception program but the herd continues to grow and we cannot carry on this program indefinitely. 

This exciting expansion means more land to protect and manage: 35 km of fencing; essential access roads; extra security, guard training and equipment; conservation management (removing non-indigenous plants and trees). The list is endless...


Sponsor an acre of land: $50

Buy a meter of electric fencing: $100

Adopt an elephant: $50 per month (an elephant family tree is available on our website



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    29 September 2019

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    29 September 2019

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    29 September 2019

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Thula Thula Land Expansion Project For Elephant Habitat

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