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  1. Your help is needed for A GIRLFRIEND FOR THABO...Thabo our rescued orphan rhino is turning 11 years this year. Since he is in his breeding prime we need to find him a girlfriend. Thabo is just not mating with Ntombi our female rhino as they were brought up together, and since 2009 are enjoying a "brother-sister-relationship". Help our Rhino for future generations! We need your financial help and sup...

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  1. Thula Thula Land Expansion project for Elephant Habitat
    HOW YOU CAN HELP RAISE $350 000 - Sponsor an acre of land: $50 - Buy a metre of electric fencing: $100 - Adopt an elephant: $50 per month
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We are raising funds in the name of Anke Cowan, our late mother, for the Thula Thula elephant sanctuary. With our deepest gratitude, Ulrike and Kati

By Ulrike Cowan

Parting is our fate, reunion is our hope.As final as death is, it cannot destroy love.She may hav...

3.33333333333333% Completed
€50 raised
€1,500 Target

Thula Thula Land Expansion Project For Elephant Habitat

By Paul Christian (Protect All Wildlife)

The original herd of 7 Elephants now total 29 meaning Thula Thula has reached capacity. With your...

75.8666666666667% Completed
£2,276 raised
£3,000 Target

I am raising funds for South African Conservation Fund

By Lakshmi Natarajan

Hi! I need your help. I’m raising money for South African Conservation Fund , who do great work f...

9.8% Completed
SFr147 raised
SFr1,500 Target