We would like to introduce you to The Five Love Languages Seminar Which Love Languages Works Best in Your Marriage? Every husband and wife has one or more love languages. Some spouses communicate their love with gifts, some with physical touch, and others with acts of service. Still others prefer words of affirmation or quality time. Which ones work best in your marriage?

In The Five Love Languages Video Pack, Gary Chapman helps you identify your personal love languages. He also helps you understand the love languages of your spouse. Then he provides practical suggestions for enriching your marriage by practicing your spouse’s love languages. The pack contains two sessions of approximately 35 minutes each. Titles are: Session 1: The Five Love Languages Session 2: Growing in Love. The best of all, you can have the seminar in your own home!!

What must I do? Get a couple of friends to join you and your partner for a nice evening together and take part in this wonderful seminar in your own home. Contact us so we can make a date!!! FamilyLife Tel. (012) 460 7424 e-mail: info@familylife.org.za.

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