What FamilyLife has to offer……
Preparing for Marriage - a comprehensive study done with the help of a designated Mentor couple that would be available for mentoring even after the marriage.

A Weekend to Remember - a weekend or a one day conference fostering oneness in marriage. Couples are helped to be able to fulfil the biblical model for marriage and they leave the conference with a new-found respect and appreciation for each other which can be carried into their daily interaction and ongoing relationship.

Rekindling the Romance - a one day conference that brings the spark back into marriage!

Understanding One Another - a one day conference based on the DiSC Personal Profile especially adapted for the marriage relationship. This conference fosters understanding for each partner's unique contribution to the relationship which leads to more painless resolution of conflict.

Parenting Conference - during this conference you will determine the core values you would like to transfer to your children, develop teamwork in parenting, learn to unleash the power of character in your child and be able to pass a godly legacy to your child.

The HomeBuilders Couples Series - practical Bible study material that covers everything from building teamwork in marriage and how to handle conflict, to mastering your money in marriage. (13 different titles)

The Five Love Languages Video Seminar - two excellent 35 minute talks by the author of the book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman. You also have the opportunity to ascertain your own love language.

It is our aim to mobilise, motivate and train lay people to take responsibility for raising the standard of marriage and family life in their own communities.

FamilyLife (S.A.) provides practical Bible study material in the form of the HomeBuilders Couple Series covering everything from building teamwork in marriage and how to handle conflict, to mastering your money in marriage refer to conference schedule for training opportunities). (9 different titles)

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