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Gondwana Alive

Gondwana Alive is a Non-Profit Company and 18a Public Benefit Organization registered in South Africa.

We are an umbrella organization building community capacity to improve lives and restore natural resources, in order to “Stem the Sixth Extinction”. We are endorsed by Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Jane Goodall, Edward O’ Wilson and many more notable figures.

Find out more about Gondwana Alive on www.gondwanaalive.org and follow us on facebook and twitter.

Will you partner with us in creating Green Jobs for Youth?

GrowGreen Youth is a project initiated by Gondwana Alive to connect young environmentalists with potential employers via a free, centralized web-based and mobile directory. An Uber-type digital service will be tailored for the cross-cutting environmental sector and freely available to link young environmentalists with potential employers.

Why the youth?

It is crucial that we EMPOWER the young decision makers of tomorrow with AGENCY to change their own lives.

Nearly half of the world's population – are under the age of 25. As the majority of the world’s population, young people are most affected by our greatest global challenges - including but not limited to unemployment – challenges that undermine their rights and create significant social and economic costs to society. According to SAVision2020, 40% of the global youth labour force is unemployed. In South Africa youth unemployment sits at 60%.

One of the many challenges ... weak infrastructure!

In many countries, young people lack direct access to institutional systems and structures within governments, the media and private and civil society sectors. This severely impedes their ability to advocate their abilities and experience to potential employers.

An opportunity we have not had before:

  • Environmental awareness has never been higher with many people wanting to “go green” if they can do so easily;
  • There has been a proliferation of environmental initiatives creating short-term job opportunities and many existing jobs that can be done in a “green” manner;
  • Our creative and technological abilities enable us to deliver a centralised web and mobile platform - thereby providing the necessary infrastructure needed by youth.
This creates an opportunity we have not had before, to substantively scale-up the positive impacts of community-based initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

The GrowGreen Youth Project aims to make use of todays web and mobile communications technology to:

  • Build entrepreneurial capacity to combat unemployment, poverty and hunger.
  • Upskill youth to meet market demand for affordable green services, on an As and When needed basis
  • Promote green services and link the young job seeker with potential employers.
  • Support skills and career development through distance mentorship and training. [See our additional services/value add’s here]

Phase 1 Funding Required

Gondwana Alive has contributed nearly R400 000 (South African Rand) toward this initiative in order to create the web-based directory, establish partnerships to identify youth with green skills and capacitate a young team to implement this project. We need an additional R400 000, minimum R300 000 to complete the first phase of the project – a process that will empower at least 500 youth in the next 6 months, and pave the way to empowering at least 500 youth a month from across the globe.

Contributions will be used to:

  1. Invite youth and contractors to list their profile and services on our online GrowGreen Directory [R100x500 youth = R50 000]
  2. Mentor youth in optimizing their profile and services on our GrowGreen Directory [R200 x 500 youth = R100 000]
  3. Develop and implement campaigns to promote Green services and the GrowGreen Directory to potential employers or customers [R300 x 500 = R150000]
  4. Value-added mentorship & marketing [R100 000]

Please donate generously - every R100 makes a big difference


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