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  1. Covid-19 and the lockdown in South Africa exposed the real face of poverty, community vulnerability and digital scarcity. Learning came to a standstill. Learners of all ages and grades (and their teachers) had no access to devices or the internet and as a result, many have been left behind. There are learners who are now being referred to as the ‘lockdown generation’, who have opted not to go back to school (they see no point). As a ...

    community development, givingtuesday, CyberMonday, digitalaccess, equalopportunities

    R8,599 raised
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Other campaigns

  1. A Prosthetic Leg for Dennis
    A prosthetic leg would help Dennis thrive in his personal and professional life. He has been on the government waiting list for over 6 years.
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  2. Help us support food aid distribution in Diepsloot
    People living in townships will be the hardest hit by the Corona Virus and its socio-economic impact. Here's how you can help minimise the impact.
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