Help us save the Ndumo owls.

There are so many children in South Africa who still believe in mythology from their grandparents. has been asked to undertake an educational programme at Ndumo in KZN during the June - July school holidays. Ndumo is a densely populated rural area bordering on the Ndumo Game Reserve. Owl mythology is prevalent in this area. Our educational programme would greatly benefit the residents on many levels - environmental education, owl education and a safe and controlled programme for the children to take part in during the holidays.

Join us in funding  600 JNR SCIENTIST KITS. R80 donation will ensure that a child in Ndumo Village will have an owl pellet dissection kit.

It's educational, it's fun and it creates owl friendly children.

The pellets also come with GPS coordinates which provide their collected location. 


2 x Owl Pellets
1 x Petri Dish
1 x Dissection Tweezers
2 x Probes
1 x Face Mask
1 x Pair of Surgical Gloves

Once each child has finished dissecting their owl pellets, the data will be incorporated into our National Owl Diet database.

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  1. Mary Everatt

    22 June 2019

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    21 June 2019

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    20 June 2019

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