Charity profile

We are a Non Profit Company that caters for the needs of people with disabilities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to foster personal and social development through sport and recreation (Adapted Physical Activity).

We currently have two main focus areas namely, sport and recreation days/camps for children with disabilities and secondly, physical activity groups for adults with disabilities in various communities within the Western Cape. Our focus for the sport and recreation days are to expose the children to various sport and recreational activities, the awareness of their abilities and having a lot of fun! Ultimately talent identification would form part of our program and hopefully in the future we will be able to support some of these children in achieving their dreams!

The aim of the physical activity groups is to reduce the barriers faced by people with a disability in attaining a basic human right, health and wellness. The groups meet weekly to work on various aspects of physical fitness, thereby reducing the occurrence of secondary conditions, enhancing quality of life and community reintegration!