If a thousand people donated one spay (R400 - approximately $35) each, we can sterilize a thousand cats over the next hundred days, and prevent unwanted kittens from being born in the Spring. We have co-opted vets in Durban to give us a special discounted rate for ferals and strays, which has made this affordable for everyone. There are ten teams of trappers preparing to go out to trap the thousand cats, and thirteen vets on standby to do the sterilizations.

We have calculated that we have around 100 unsterilized colonies in the city of Durban and surrounding suburbs, and if we estimate ten cats per colony, then that amounts to One Thousand Cats.

Sterilizing these cats will prevent the flood of kittens that we experienced last year, when we had a population explosion. The explosion resulted in thousands of cute, healthy kittens being put down by animal shelters. It was heartbreaking. Cats of Durban is determined that this is not going to happen this year.....



  1. Tanja Neu

    14 August

  2. Marie Foord

    11 August

  3. Kyhara Maharaj

    10 August

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