In October 2015 SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa Johannesburg launched a court case that challenged the legality of the nuclear procurement process. After 18 months of delays and frustrations, justice finally prevailed when the Cape High Court ruled in our favour in April 2017.

This was a landmark win that sent a clear message to the government about energy procurement, however much more needs to be done to secure a just energy future for South Africa. And we need your support to do this.

To ensure that the nuclear deal is off the table once and for all we need to continue campaigning and holding government to account. We ask for your contributions to continue this work for energy justice; the smallest donations are welcome – every bit counts!

More nuclear energy will not bring energy justice to South Africa, since nuclear energy will be more costly than the current mix. This means that a reliable energy supply will remain outside the grasp of many South Africans, and we have to question: Who is government doing the nuclear deal for?

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No nuclear deal for my birthday, please!

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