Triangle Project  is the oldest LGBTI organization in Cape Town, South Africa. Triangle provides vital health and support services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people, their partners and families.

 As the reality of societal homophobia in South Africa becomes more and more apparent, LGBTI people face continuous discrimination, a range of specific mental health and health concerns, and increasing levels of violence. Triangle is an indispensable source of support, community, advocacy and services, especially for those members of the LGBTI community who do not have the support of families or other social networks, or the financial means to access expensive LGBTI-specific services in the private sector. Triangle’s small and committed team of 7 people provides services througout the province of the Western Cape, reaching remote areas where there are usually no other LGBTI services.

Over the past 20 years, tens of thousands of LGBTI people have benefitted from Triangle’s services. Even if you have not used our services directly, chances are you have benefitted from our research and advocacy work, or our continuous lobbying for LGBTI rights in South Africa.

However, years of working under tough financial circumstances have taken their toll.


We have been able thus far to operate all our programmes, and provide services througout the Western Cape, with a small and dedicated core staff.  However, we are experiencing a severe cashflow crisis. The organisation has been operating under severe financial constraints for years as the pool of funds available to NGOs gets more and more limited. Due to a lack of funds, Triangle might have to close at the end of October 2015. This means that vital services to the LGBTI community and an essential voice in the struggle for equality will be lost.


Whilst we are doing everything we can to financially recuperate the organisation, we are in desperate need of funds to tide us over this difficult time. 

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Learn more about our essential services for LGBTI people:


  • Health and Support Services
    • We were the first organization to provide HIV and general health services targeted at LGBTI people, supported by the South African Department of Health; we train nurses and doctors to provide better services to LGBTI people;
    • We provide counseling and support services for survivors of violence, LGBTI people living with HIV, for LGBTI parents and parents of LGBTI children, and for transgender and gender non-conforming people; supported by the Department of Social Development;
    • Our helpline 021 712 6699, operating 7 days a week, offers immediate emergency access to LGBTI-friendly counseling.


  • Community Engagement and Empowerment
    • We organize safe spaces for LGBTI people all over the province of the Western Cape – especially in townships and in rural towns where LGBTI people are at increased risk for violence, and have little opportunities to meet other LGBTI people.
    • To date, over 15 Safe Spaces exist, many of whom are important hubs of activity and community for LGBTI people


See here for a clip of the work we do in rural areas around the Western Cape


  • Research and Advocacy
    • We monitor LGBTI-related court cases, and offer support to victims and their families. Cases of sexual assault and murder of lesbian women have increased dramatically. For example, our expert evidence and on-going activism was instrumental in the first conviction of a sexual orientation-related murder.
    • We work with the South African Department of Justice to establish hate crime legislation, and relentlessly support LGBTI communities in on-going court cases to Sharon’s piece about David’s case>.
    • We publish research and policy briefs to improve health services to LGBTI people .



DONATE TODAY to help us #SaveTriangle. Every little amount helps.


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