We now have 140 children in our aftercare programme (2017), and are still in need of sponsors. For R300 per month, you can give a child a nutritious lunch and access to a safe and nurturing aftercare run by a qualified teacher and assistant. The child will also have access to all extra mural activities, camps, parental support, outings and reading support programs. A sponsor can choose to know the child and have contact with the child on birthdays, Christmas party etc or be anonymous.

Our extra mural activities are all provided by volunteers and sponsors - Physifun training, Maties Kinetika, chess, art, On the Educational side for mathematics
our Programs include Number Sense, as well as Green Shoots which is specifically aimed at the grade 3 level. Lego Educational program and remedial maths groups done by maths teachers. For Reading we are using the AKTV do and learn program. We also provide parental support by a social worker, a remedial teacher and reading support in small groups of 2-3. This is in addition to the programme run by the teachers. Please visit our facebook page (Aitsa aftercare) or www.aitsa.org to see what we are up to every week!

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