SSI and RIME FC present a project with the goal of establishing a sustainable football club in south Gugulethu. The football club, Real Ideas, is currently barely functional, yet has managed to register their players with SAFA and participate in the local league.

This project aims to illustrate the youth development potential of a football team that is economically sustainable and can contribute to the community at large by providing sport and social activities for underprivileged youth. The project is planned for a 6-month period, at which time it is predicted that the club will be able to fund itself going forward.

Four reputable and established organisations will provide Real Ideas Made EASI Football Club with the necessary training, support and economic opportunities in order for the sports club to achieve sustainability.

This project will provide part-time employment for three individuals in terms of football training and sports club management. In addition, the youth involved with the football club will have the opportunity to further their own studies, learn the basics of entrepreneurship, participate in fundraising events, and improve their diet.

Under this proposed sustainability plan, RIME FC will have several tools made available to them to earn an income and afford day to day costs and expenditures. The members of RIME FC will be the ones tasked with carrying out these initiatives.
The initiatives include:

The selling of ICAN courses to the community, of which a portion of the profits will be designated to the FC.
Selling and promotion of nutritional drinks, through which a commission will be earned per sale.
Participation in group fundraisers set up by NGO Assist Trust, an umbrella group for NGOs and social enterprises.  

Sustainable Strategy Implementation NPC will ensure that the programme thus established is effectively monitored and reporting is timeously conducted. 

An Impact Assessment will be conducted on the members of the football club prior to funding to establish baseline social criteria, and after the six months of education and funding to ascertain the benefits that a sustainable, well-managed football club with educational prospects and hands-on participation in entrepreneurial activities can offer.


The goal of this project is to establish a sustainable football club.


The objectives of this project are:

A. To establish a football club that competes in the SAFA leagues, thus providing a healthy social alternative to many destructive vices available to underprivileged football players. This will include regular football training and the opportunity to be considered by numerous professional clubs.
B. Contribute to youth development by educating the players, both practically and theoretically, in the principles of social entrepreneurship, strategic thinking and charitable fundraising.  
C. Provide the players with the opportunity to obtain additional, technology-related qualifications at no cost.
D. Provide the players with improved dietary options.


The measurements of success and key landmarks in the delivery of this project will be:

1. EASI® Development Training provided, including Life Skills;
2. Creation of 3 part-time jobs;
3. Full football training regime implemented for 30 youth;
4. Full football equipment provided to 30 youth;
5. Generation of funds from ICAN course sales;
6. Generation of funds from fresh fruit and vegetable juice sales;
7. Generation of funds from fundraising via NGO Assist Trust;
8. The utilisation of free courses on offer at ICAN;
9. Any players receiving a professional contract;
10. Team appearance at all league fixtures, including the payment of all related costs;
11. Monitoring of the clubs’ drop-out rate;
12. RIME FC winning the league.


The scope of this project is limited to Real Ideas Sports Club, based at Lehlohonolo Primary School in NY137 Gugulethu Section 3. The player catchment area includes the neighbouring districts such as Manenburg and Elsiesriver.

The time frame of the project is six (6) months. The proposed date of initiation is 01 September 2018.


RIME FC is the Non-Profit Company that owns Real Ideas Sports Club. The club consists of 2 coaches, 1 manager and thirty (30) players.

Real Ideas Sports Club is registered with the South African Football Association, and the players are licensed and in receipt of their Football Association membership cards.


The advantages of organised sports facilities in a community

The social development benefits of realizing the objectives of this project are vast, but to appreciate the ripple effect that a sustainable soccer club will have on the community in Gugulethu, the following behavioural characteristics are considered standard in a competitive sports team:

Learning not to give up, and to keep trying
Developing life-long friends
Learning that sport is more than just about game plans, but about life
Learning discipline
Learning to work with others, and be a proud, supportive and respectful team member
Learning to cope and deal with disappointment, getting up and trying again
Learning to make and accomplish goals – on the field and in life
Learning to take care of his body, and what he eats
Learning that being successful takes hours and hours of practice, and that success does not happen overnight
Being active on a sports field rather than sitting in front of a screen, taking drugs or committing a crime.

The advantages of sponsoring youth sport

Increased awareness of the company's products and services. Through a sponsorship, a company's brand will be in front of the youth sports market of parents, coaches, program organizers, players and fans.
Youth sports sponsorships are a positive and engaging way to market a brand. Parents like to see the companies that are supporting local sports.
Help keep the cost of youth sports programs down. Player participation fees cover most of the costs of a youth sports program but support from sponsors provides additional resources which can help keep participation fees low. With lower fees, more families can afford to sign up and that means more children being able to receive the many benefits of sports.
Outstanding value for the money invested. When comparing the cost of other marketing outlets like print, television and billboard advertising, youth sports sponsorships can be a great value and a smart option to include in the marketing mix.
Building goodwill. Companies that sponsor youth sports programs make a positive contribution to their community. Overall this can evoke a community-wide feeling that a company understands the impact and importance of sports for their youth. This feeling can instil loyalty among a business' current and future patrons.
R500 from a local company to a youth team goes a long way to offset the rising costs of sports. But what the company may find is that their sponsorship also goes a long way to strengthen the bond between their brand and their community.



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