The mission of Christel House is to Transform lives by providing impoverished children with education, nutrition, health care & a nurturing environment. When our children graduate they are ready to work or study further. The Christel Club Education Fund (CCEF) was established
to assist individuals to make a monthly contribution of R100 that will go towards full scholarships for ten Grade R learners.

Our aim is to raise R450,000. This can be achieved by asking you to solicit 5 of your friends to join the CCEF. Later each one of your friends will ask their own friends to join, by doing so we will be able to grow this incredible fund. Each of our members will receive a full report on how our learners are
progressing and you will be encouraged to visit them at school or e-mail them just to keep in touch. Once we have reached our initial goal we will continue to raise the same for ten more Grade R girls and boys. The process will continue until we have reached our most important goal of opening a new Christel House school.

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    2 June

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    8 May

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    30 April

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