The Kariega Credit system is a virtual marketplace where groups and communities “purchase” project funding or social services with Kariega Credits. Kariega Credits are earned by completing a set amount of community service.  One community service hour (per person) is worth R20 in project funding or social services. By "valuing" one volunteer hour at R20, our virtual marketplace offers groups the option to not only earn funding for any particular project, but also to “purchase” volunteer services. In this way, Kariega Credits can either be converted into hard currency for project funding, or they can be spent in our development marketplace, ‘the Agora’. The Agora offers support services such as early education, IT facilities, homework support, and entrepreneur development. The Agora is designed with collaboration in mind, so it is a place where almost any community or NGO can find a home.

In order to provide project funding or social services, Kariega Project relies on individual and corporate sponsorship of Kariega Credits. 


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Helping Communities in South Africa

By Kelly Lunsford

The Kariega Project is a South African non-profit organization that utilizes an innovative financ...

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