!Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

1. Heritage Centre
The new building at !Khwa ttu will be an extraordinary space. Currently beingco-curated by San communities, it will serve as a vibrant demonstration of culture and beliefs, and articulate previously untold indigenous experiences.

2. Community Satellites
Located with partner organisations in carefully identified sites around southern Africa, the satellite heritage centres will enable us to engage actively with remote rural communities.

3. Digital Archive
The San are probably the most recorded indigenous group in existence, yet virtually none of them know of this documentary cornucopia. The digital archive will change this, linking the community satellites, the !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre, and the world.

!Khwa ttu's San heritage centre, community satellites, and digital archive will cost £2.5 million (ZAR38 million; CHF3.2 million ). The Ubuntu Foundation in Switzerland has already committed CHF2 million, and work is well under way on the buildings at !Khwa ttu. 

We need to raise £1.15 million (ZAR20 million; CHF1.465 million) to complete our plans.

This funding also ensures the expansion of our environmental sustainability programmes, centred around restoration, conservation and stewardship.

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