In May the Western Cape was declared a drought disaster area. Rainfall levels are at a 40 year low and grazing is scarce. Once a wheat and sheep farm, !Khwa ttu has restored the farm to a nature reserve. !Khwa ttu means "Water-hole" in the now extinct language of the IXam San. Alien vegetation has been removed and the land has been allowed to recover. We are committed to taking care of our environment. For us San, these animals are part of our family. We are the “People of the Eland”. Please help us take care of our animals. With your donation we can buy the extra food they need in these difficult times.

Please make a gift this holiday season!

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  1. Michelle Legge

    31 December 2017

  2. Matthew Brown

    26 December 2017

  3. Astrid Gnoinski

    23 December 2017

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