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Every year thousands of vulnerable young people along the N1 fall prey to traffickers who lure them with promises of a better life in big cities. The first activity of this UNiTE against Human Trafficking campaign, will be our Claim back the N1 route for Trafficked victims awareness run on the N1 route between Rawsonville and Beaufort West from 5 to 9 December 2017. This is also the last week of the 16 days of Activism. The aim of this activity is to claim the N1 route back for women, men and children who daily get trafficked on this national highway. This is one of the routes used by traffickers to transport their victims from their home towns to other towns, normally the bigger cities, or across border and then exploit them whether through labour or sexual exploitative practices.

1000 Women’s Trust mobilises women to take a stand against domestic violence and sexual abuse of women.

1000Women along With the #addyourx #claimbacktheN1
initiative Anex (Activists networking against the exploitation of
children) wants to help destitute young people in the Karoo who
often fall prey to sex or labour traffickers along the N1 route.
In recent years grim details have emerged about the increase in the number of children being abused and trafficked from towns such as Beaufort West, Leeu Gamka and Laingsburg. Anex works tirelessly to prevent trafficking children and child labour.
We also work closely with trucking and transport companies to help address the issue and to encourage truck drivers to make the N1 safe.
With the #addyourx project you can help us create awareness to keep young people safe.

Donate GOODS to the ANEX Youth Centre, Sponsor our RUNNERS and invite your FRIENDS to join the campaign.

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