“Save Young Generation of Nepal from Drug Use and HIV”

Problem:Drug has imposed serious threats to people and Nepali society. It is also a major cause responsible for the increased crime, HIV and other blood borne diseases. The rate of drug use is rampant in Nepal and prone to spoil future generation of Nepal.

To save the generation, it is crucial to deter new entrants & create opportunities for people who want to quit drugs. But lack of awareness programs, support for nutrition, scholarship, skill development and treatment and rehabilitation have intensified the problems of drugs among adolescents and youths in Nepal.Therefore, it is prime time to address the root cause of the problems like drugs and HIV to promote social well being and save the youth generation of Nepal.

Pressing Need:

The rate of drugs use has increased by 98 in Nepal in six years period (2007-2013 AD). It is closely associated with crime, HIV and blood borne diseases like Hepatitis B and C. Most importantly, the most productive population of Nepal aged 15 to 49 are reported to be indulged in drugs use and infected by HIV in larger extent. As reported, 40 percent of the prisoners in Nepal are reported sentenced for drug related offences. This signifies increased drug induced crime and insecurity towards the rest of the population and economy of the country. Since children from early age of 15 are found using drugs in Nepal, it is high time to address this problem to save the generation of Nepal from drugs use and drug induced HIV.

Youth Vision is dedicated to establish drug free society since 1985. It is specialized in drugs and HIV and offers comprehensive services with experienced human resources and innovative approaches. It is the most

entrusted non government organization of Nepal and working in close collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population and Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal along with other reputed national and international agencies. It has established land mark and supported thousand of youths to combat
them from drug and rehabilitate in society.

Most importantly, Youth Vision has been credited by several people and
institutions for its consistent efforts to promote the social harmony by
minimizing drug use.


• Ten thousand vulnerable children will be aware and combated from the drug use each year.

• 50 youths who want to quit drugs from poor and marginalized community will be provided treatment and rehabilitation and engaged in social transformation each year.

• 50 youths who quit drugs and eager to peruse education will be benefited from scholarship and acquire degree each year.

• 50 children of people who use drugs and people living with HIV will be
benefited by scholarship each year.

• 50 youths who quits drug will acquired vocational training and will be financially self reliant each year.

• 50 children of people who use drugs and people living with HIV will be
benefited from the nutrition support and protected from opportunistic
infection each year.

What If Youth Vision Fails to Serve ?: If we fail to address these problems we are certain to face dire consequences. In one way, the rate of new minor drug users will increase whereas in other hand, the current drug users will convert into chronic drug users.

This eventually fosters insecurity among general population due to drug induced
crime and diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Most seriously, the most
productive human capital will be in risk of bearing jail term rather than engaging in constructive affairs.

How Can You Help Us?:

  • Provide us 200 $ to raise awareness for 100 people.
  • Provide us 300 $ to provide treatment and rehabilitation support to one youth. Provide us 200 $ to provide scholarship to one youth.
  • Provide us 150$ to provide quality education to one marginalized chil
  • Provide us 200$ to provide vocational training to one youth.
  • Provide us 100$ to provide nutritional support to one child.

Provide us 100$ to provide nutritional support to one



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