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For the 2020-2021 school year Marathon Kids helped more than 137,000 kids in 42 states get active and we equipped hundreds of volunteer coaches with essential tools and training. All because of our generous donors. 

Together, we were able to provide the Marathon Kids program free of charge to schools and community organizations, so volunteer coaches like Coach Justin Weinhold from Grove Elementary School in Wisconsin can continue to empower kids to increase daily physical activity and show them being active every day improves their entire well-being.

“We use the program as part of our warm-up activities in our physical education program this year. Students were motivated from week to week challenging other classes to see who could get the most miles or the largest increase in miles from week to week. It has motivated our students to stay engaged and active and push themselves to complete each lap. Many of them would race each other and then on the next lap would find someone else to challenge. I thank your product for promoting this and helping our students to work to further develop their endurance for activity.”

Please donate today keep our program 100% free and support kids in underserved schools and communities to put them on the path to healthier lives.

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    Cami Hawkins

    US$2,000* raised

    * Includes funds from other sources.
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    Andrea Fisher

    US$395 raised

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    Desma Deitz

    US$1,518* raised

    * Includes funds from other sources.
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    Michael Kitner

    US$250 raised

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    Anne Greenfield

    US$500* raised

    * Includes funds from other sources.
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