Good governance is essential in a country if the children of the nation are to flourish. There is no greater investment a country can make than giving her children the best opportunities to grow spiritually, socially, educationally and physically.

The Kenyan Government has a responsibility to act within the law and the New Constitution, not only for their own integrity, but also  as good examples to the rest of the citizens of Kenya and they include our children.

For this reason, Child in Family Focus felt compelled to take up a challenge, when they observed the Attorney General and the Cabinet Secretary under whose docket children affairs falls acting outside the legal framework in a matter concerning the adoption of children.

Child in Family Focus petitioned the High Court by way of a Judicial Review application to quash an order made illegally by the Cabinet Secretary. On September 25th 2014 the High Court judgment was delivered. In quashing the subject order, the judge observed that the Cabinet Secretary’s action was improper, exercised in bad faith and an abuse of power.

This was a victory for justice for the children of Kenya.

The respondents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the judge’s ruling and have served us with a Notice of appeal.

Is this a cause that you could support? Legal bills were not in our budgeting, but we cannot afford to let bad governance go unchallenged. Our children’s futures are at stake.

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