Port Elizabeth Satellite Station

It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to respond to Cape Recife by sea from the Rescue Base in the PE harbour - in fair conditions - and even longer if we need to tow our small boat to the launch spot at Noordhoek Ski-Boat Club. A long time for those in distress to wait for help.

In an attempt to reduce our response time, we plan to open a Satellite Rescue Base at the Noordhoek Ski-Boat Club who have kindly agreed to provide a Boat Shed and put their Radio Control Room and other facilities at our disposal whenever required.

This Satellite Station would initially be manned during emergencies by existing Station 6 crew and would house a new generation NSRI WaveRunner.

This small craft is ideal to operate around shallow rocky shores and in surf conditions, manned by two crew and with the capacity to carry two casualties on its third seat and rescue sled.

Equipped with a medical jump-bag it would be able to provide initial medical assistance to those in need and is even powerful enough to tow small boats out of dangerous situations, allowing us to be able to stabilize incidents whilst the larger rescue boats respond from the harbour.

Our total budget for this project is R 450 000 including the WaveRunner, sled, trailer, launch dolly, radio’s, rescue equipment, safety equipment, and more - for which we already have received pledges to value of almost R 100 000!

Please donate to this worthy cause and help Station 6 continue their important work.

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    18 May 2018

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    17 May 2018

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