Sumaridge is a proud supporter of NSRI's Station 17, Hermanus, and in support of the Sea Rescue volunteers is making a donation from the sale of every bottle of Maritimus that is produced to Station 17.

As at all of the Sea Rescue bases, the Hermanus volunteers are available to go to sea to help those in danger 24/7/365. They will leave a business meeting or a family wedding or their daughter's first ballet concert and head out to sea in the worst conditions, when everyone else is heading for home, to help someone who they have never met.

As well as helping those who get into difficulty in waters around the coast of South Africa, the NSRI also do an enormous amount of water safety education in the local communities through their WaterWise Academy education programme.

The National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa was formed in 1967 and since then has been the only chance of help that thousands of South Africans who were in dire situations could rely on.

Holly and Simon have vowed to raise ZAR1,000,000 to help Sea Rescue Station 17 - Hermanus and appeal to you to assist them in achieving their goal.

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