Every day 17 babies are born deaf in South Africa, without intervention these babies will not be able to develop normal language. Without normal language and literacy, these deaf babies are at a disadvantage from day 1. Your support can break this legacy and create new Hope for each baby born with a hearing loss.

Because children born Deaf can't hear mom and dad talking, they don't even know words exist. And without words, they'll never be able to communicate their love for

other people. Imagine how difficult that makes it for these little ones to
learn and grow without language.

But your generous donation made online right now changes everything.

By sponsoring the cost of Home Based Early Intervention for a
Deaf child, you'll make it possible for them to grasp the basics of language
while they are young enough to develop typically.

Your gift of just R300 will sponsor a family visit from one of our trained Home

During this time, a Deaf child could be taught a new sign or
word ... or a mom could learn new communication techniques to build into their
daily routine ... or the family could be helped to make important decisions
about their child's future.

And it doesn't end there. By giving the gift of language to someone who can't
hear, you'll change their life forever.

So please will you celebrate Valentine's Day by giving this special gift of love?

Then share this message on Facebook and Twitter ... ask your friends to care as you have ... and help more Deaf children understand the power of love.

Thank you for caring,

Professor Claudine Storbeck

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    16 November 2018

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    2 October 2018

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    28 July 2018

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