Outreach is where a JSPCA team provides basic vet care to the animals in resource-poor areas. This includes vaccinations, deworming and the treatment of minor wounds out in the field. Any animal requiring further treatment or sterilisation would be brought back to our SPCA hospital.

To ensure a successful sustainable programme, we establish a trust relationship with the animal owners. We spend time in the communities, get to know the community leaders, and over time build that trust relationship.

We have had excellent results with our programmes where, animal-centric networks are formed where social & cultural leaders take charge to ensure that the animals in their communities are being looked after.

The programme has been so well received by the communities that we work with, that we had to open a dedicated outreach ward in our hospital.

We have sterilised and attended to over 3000 animals last year, which means that we have drastically reduced the number of potentially unwanted, abandoned and abused animals within these areas as well as the high risk of fatal disease transmission for both animals and humans i.e. rabies.



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2 Fundraiser projects

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